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dr mark conyers

Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
In 2011, Australian agriculture used a combined 1632 kt of N, P and K to manage soil nutritional constraints to production... Dr Mark Conyers is a Principal Research Scientist of NSW DPI (Wagga Wagga) and has over 30 years experience in soil nutritional chemistry in southern grains farming systems... Dr Conyers is one of several senior nutritional soil scientists around Australia in a similar situation, the retirement of which will substantially reduce the pool of expertise in this field for the entire Australian grains industry. This proposed investment will result in the appointment of a post-doctoral fellow that is jointly funded by GRDC and NSW DPI for the next 3 years (2013-2016) as an understudy to Dr Conyers and will result in a maintained capacity in the field of soil chemistry in relation to crop nutrition...
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