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permanent wilting point

Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
" Screening for drought tolerance under well-watered conditions: A rapid method to predict wilting point of grain crops.. Permanent wilting point is strongly correlated with adaptation to low water availability in a meta-analysis of more than 300 species, but a correlation between wilting point and drought tolerance in crop cultivars, though expected in principle, has not been tested, due to the difficulty and long time required to assess this trait using previous methods... The outputs of the project will be:(1) demonstration that the wilting point is a reliable indicator of drought tolerance in wheat(2) a rapid method of selecting drought tolerant germplasm under well-watered conditions based on the wilting point(3) a new method that can be potentially used for screening germplasm of other crop speciesThe overall outcome of the project will be proof that our method is able to predict relative differences in drought tolerance of wheat under controlled conditions...
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