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heat tolerance trait

Catalogue: Ground Cover
About 200 breeding lines were exchanged between the three countries to improve resistance to the diseases blackleg, white rust and sclerotinia and also tolerance to pod shattering, drought and high temperatures, plus the traits required for canola-quality mustard... During two exchanges, 106 breeding lines of Brassica napus and 104 of B. juncea were exchanged between the three countries... All countries will benefit, with India and China seeking to replace their traditional rapeseed and mustard cultivars with Australian canola-quality (low erucic acid, low glucosinolate) B. napus varieties," Associate Professor Salisbury says...
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Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
To address the concerns, we will identify chromosome regions governing variation in heat tolerance and deliver DNA-based genetic markers that breeders can use to select for the favourable chromosome variants... Chromosome regions governing heat tolerance traits will be identified by following segregation in experimental populations derived from bi-parental crosses, as well as by identifying marker-trait associations across a broad collection of elite and exotic germplasm... Lines possessing heat tolerance traits identified in greenhouse/chamber experiments (maintenance of chlorophyll and single grain weight) will also be evaluated in the field to establish the relevance of these assays to heat tolerance breeding...
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