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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Farmers see pH as a influencer of yield and test and manage soils ... Overall, farmers lack skills/confidence to have a go - and don't know a "trusted someone" to get advice from... This season he had a delver made and he now contracts himself out to farmers...
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Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
The means new non-crop options must complement the existing cropping dominant farming system if they are to be successfully integrated into the farm business to improve profitability, flexibility, resilience, risk management, resource use and environmental outcomes... The crop-livestock system must make efficient use of labour and where possible minimise the environmental impact of the farming system by reducing the risk of erosion and dryland salinity, and improving soil health... Over the past 5 years, EverCrop has successfully established a multidisciplinary research and development approach that works with farmers to develop new and more adoptable grazing options to benefit grain growers in the Southern and..
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Where dryland salinity threatens the productivity of agricultural land there is a need for farmers to formulate considered responses... From the areas identified by farmers we noticed that mid and upper slope farmers have just as much area of concern (often brackish hillside seeps) and recent outbreaks on their farms as valley floor farmers... There is a need for farmers and catchment groups to invest greater effort in risk assessment and to link the need to know to the risk at given sites...
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