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Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
The project will undertake a scoping study of current plant growth regulator (PGR) use and recommendations for R, D & E funding in the three GRDC agro-ecological regions... There can be a dichotomy between the scientific literature and the advice provided to growers on use of PGRs in crop management... Outputs of the project include the following: Literature review of current and previous research and development on the use of PGRs in crop management...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
There was a large difference between the extent of height reduction measured at the two sites with the maximum height reduction being 7 cm at Spring Ridge in 2011 compared to 34 cm at Moree in 2012... Gairdner has been found in previous studies to achieve approximately 1-1.5% higher protein than Commander with the same N input, which was again the case at Moree and Bithramere in 2011... For the purposes of this paper yield and anthesis dates for 9 and 11 varieties for the wheat and barley TOS trials, respectively, are presented...
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In summary, 20 trials have now recently been undertaken across a number of seasons and locations in NSW. None of them have demonstrated S responses in yield or oil %. This does not exclude deficiency and yield penalties from occurring but does highlight that the frequency and the likelihood is not high... In summary, using Yield Prophet as a way of increasing soil water knowledge is more difficult to trial than probes... In summary, the growth in the use of probes to understand soil water is easily explained using the framework above...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
A survey of 142 Australian agronomists found that 20 per cent recommend the use of plant growth regulators in crop management of wheat, mainly due to improved lodging resistance followed by height reduction and improved yield... The paper provides a brief overview of current plant growth regulators (PGRs) and reports on selected results of a survey of Australian agronomist's use of PGRs in wheat production... When agronomists participating in the survey were asked to explain the benefits that come from using PGRs in wheat, effects on lodging and the related theme of height reduction were frequently reported (Figure 1)...
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