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wheat grain

Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
Research has shown that this can increase yields due to the Sfertilisation effect of CO2 but leaf nitrogen and grain protein levels in cereals reduce under elevated CO2 (eCO2).Reduction in grain protein lowers the quality of grain that is used for grading and the marketability of wheat grain will be impacted... There is also evidence that the composition of proteins in grain is altered and this has been shown to have negative effects on end-product quality, such as bread... Despite results from Australian and international research showing a consistent decline in grain protein under elevated CO2, there is currently no solution to slowing or reversing this decrease...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Part of the project aims to characterise, assess, and simulate the suitability of current genetics for earlier sowing in Australian farming systems across a range of environments using crop management tools such as APSIM... The PhD project aims to identify how molecular changes within the mitochondria allow plants to continue growth at a range of temperatures... Education and research are critical in developing the 'science push' for sorghum as a health promoting food - this knowledge needs to be interpreted and disseminated to the Australian grains industry (farmers, producers), food products developers, marketers and key government organisations y t i c a p a C & s l l i k S g n i d l i u B ...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
The rotational benefits of canola were usually restricted to just the first subsequent wheat crop, whereas additional wheat yields can occur for 2 years after a legume... Gross margins achieved on-farm for wheat in 2011 may have been lower than shown in Table 2... The gross margin calculations depicted in Figure 5 assumed that canola yielded 50 % of wheat at that site in that year...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The work flow will enable the completion of the detection of 1500 suspect sub-samples in day 13 of the incursion scenario with a time savings of 22 days... The analysis also indicates that an incursion scenario with a specified number of samples and an estimate of a percentage of negative samples will have an optimum requirement for certain labour inputs (technicians in the enhanced protocol and plant pathologists in the current protocol) without any effect on operating costs... The collated results of the international ring test have shown that all treatments have been correctly identified attesting to the sensitivity, accuracy and reliability of the protocol...
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