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The percentage of growers using some no-till reflected in the figures may not reflect the percentage of no-till adoption observed at the time... Overall, a vast majority of growers also expected the no-till systems to result in less soil erosion... While users and non-users generally did not have differences in beliefs about the likelihood of herbicide resistance or higher herbicide costs, overall, it was more common for no-till users to expect less weed emergence under no-till with stubble retention systems...
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Author : Sharon Watt Data from thousands of Australian on-farm grains research trials is being collated into a central, easy-to-access information resource for growers, agronomists, researchers and the wider grains industry... Project leader Robert Milne says around 3000 trial projects have so far been published on the OFT site, with data supplied by grower groups from across the nation... "The development and release of the OFT website provides an exciting new way to make findings and discover information from cropping trials conducted throughout Australia," Mr Milne said...
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Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
Australian grain growers respond to the pressure of rising cost of production by adopting and adapting new technologies to narrow the gap between their actual yields (Ya) and their water limited yield potential (Yw)... The project will use annual maps of Ya, Yw and Yg to develop an interactive tool that will enable farmers and their advisers to assess the yield gap of their fields relative to Yw and Ya in their statistical local area (SLA)... The decision to aim for a higher yield is a trade-off between profit and risk...
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