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heat drought tolerance

Catalogue: GRDC 2014 Research Summaries
The project will coordinate the introduction of diverse barley germplasm selected from both the landrace collections and international breeding programs managed by ICARDA... The project will utilise expertise of breeders in both Australia and ICARDA to identify targeted sets of lines that encompass the desired traits and genes required to assist the ongoing development of improved barley varieties for Australian conditions... Key activities will include: i) importation of a diverse sets of at least 100 lines per year selected from across the ICARDA barley nurseries, ii) importation of up to 50 barley landrace accessions that have been previously phenotyped for disease resistance by ICARDA, iii) importation of up to 250 barley landrace accessions in 2016/17 that have been phenotyped for heat and/or drought tolerance at ICARDA, iv) quarantine of all lines and landraces imported into Australia, v) seed increase of all imported lines on two sites and landraces at one site post-quarantine, vi) phenotyping the imported lines and up to 50 landrace accessions for multiple disease resistances..
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