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Overall, soil CEC and SOC content was greatest in the 0.2 and 0.2-2 m fraction, indicating that size, and probably type, of SOM influenced CEC... Kaiser et al. (2003) found that soils with a high content of black carbon showed increased sorption ability compared with plant- and microbial-derived SOM... Addition of organic amendments can increase P availability to plants by decreasing the P adsorption capacity of soils...
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Despite the expense, fertiliser decisions made by grain growers do not always rely on soil test knowledge as part of a suite of knowledge sources contributing to a rate recommendation... This reflects a significant level of scepticism among some grain growers and advisors that soil testing does not explain crop response, that the recommendations provided using a soil test are flawed due to biased data, or both... The data were stored in a single central repository for access by approved users through an online query tool, the BFDC Interrogator...
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