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urease inhibitor

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Enhanced efficiency fertilisers (EEFs), including slow release compounds and urease and nitrification inhibitors, show promise for improving efficiency, increasing management flexibility, and reducing N2O emissions... Enhanced efficiency fertilisers, including controlled release fertilisers and fertilisers amended with urease or nitrification inhibitors, show promise for improving nitrogen use efficiency... The main objective of the project is to assess the benefits of enhanced efficiency fertilisers, particularly nitrification inhibitors, in mitigating nitrous oxide emissions and increasing the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisers for a range of agricultural industries, including cropping (Victoria and NSW), sugarcane (Queensland) and dairy (Victoria), under different climatic conditions that are found across Australia...
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Urease inhibitors act by slowing the rate of urea hydrolysis (the process by which N is released from a granule), by inhibiting the action of the enzyme urease, and by doing this the elevated pH hotspot that occurs around the granule is lessened and this reduces the risk of NH 3 loss... The paper presents laboratory and field experiment data that investigated the impact of the urease inhibitor NBPT (Green Urea TM 7 or 14 in Australia), on rates of urea and NH 3 loss... The experiment showed that NH 3 loss in autumn was greater than in spring (Table 1) and that whilst the inhibitor was effective at both times, the real benefit in terms of N saved was only seen in autumn...
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" GRDC Grains Research Updates 6-7 February 2013, Southern Region, Ballarat VIC. Helen Suter 03 October 2013 Helen Suter, University of Melbourne discusses her research into the impact of urease inhibitors on ammonia loss... Ammonia loss from surface applied granular urea can be high, with up to 30% loss recorded from pastures in southern Australia... Ammonia loss from surface applied granular urea is highly dependent on micro-climatic conditions...
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