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pulse marketing plan

Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The project "Improving food quality and end use market acceptance of Australian pulses" will run for 3 years, finishing on 30 June 2013... The project also has a research component on cooking quality that links directly with a related GRDC project lead by VIC-Horsham... It is vital that Australian pulses have acceptable or superior qualities to maintain and enhance market share world wide...
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Develop a pulse plan to meet customer demand.. While planning for the 2015 cropping program is in full swing, Pulse Australia is urging growers to consider their pulse marketing plan at the start of the season, rather than the end, for the best decision-making and results... Most importantly Ms Raynes said that pule marketing is extremely unpredictable and growers should perform due diligence to ensure they're selecting an appropriate marketing company; know whether the marketing company is a member of Grain Trade Australia (GTA), who is backing the company, and confirm they are financially secure...
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