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safflower plant

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Biofactories set to generate new cropping industry.. The potential for a major new crop for Australian grain growers has strengthened with the development of safflower plants that produce a seed oil uniquely suited to industrial applications... 2020 target for crop biofactories Australia is on track to develop a commercially viable plant-based industrial oils industry by the end of the decade, according to a leading CSIRO researcher...
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To prevent injury, ensure that plant back periods for safflower are observed for herbicides used in the previous crop, summer or pre-sowing knockdown sprays (eg 7 to 21 days for some 2,4-D products)... At present, there are no seed applied fungicides registered for use in safflower in Australia, although some products are widely used in the United States... At present there are no fungicides registered for disease control in safflower in Australia, although some success has been achieved with seed and foliar applied products in other countries, including the United States...
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