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dual purpose cereal crop

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The increasing interest in dual purpose cereals is reflected in 55 new grazing cereals varieties being trialled across New South Wales... " the trials build on a strong history of testing cereal varieties for grazing and grain production to successfully fit into mixed grazing systems across NSW," Mr Matthews says... Log in or register to leave a comment...
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" Developing agronomic solutions to improve barley yield and grain quality in the GRDC northern region.. Production has varied from 0.5 million tonnes to 0.8 million tonnes with 30% of this production meeting malt specifications, predominantly domestic malt, while 70% is used as feed in a range of intensive and extensive livestock industries... An analysis of winter cereal grazing trials at Tamworth provides growers with guidance on whether to focus on feed production or grain yield..
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" GRDC Grains Research Updates February 15-16, 2011, Southern Region, Young NSW, John Kirkegaard 16 September 2013 John Kirkegaard (CSIRO Plant Industries) Since the development of long-season and winter wheats for Australia, well-managed dual-purpose cereal crops have provided opportunities to increase the profitability and flexibility on mixed farms, by increasing winter stocking rates and providing income from forage and grain... Dual-purpose canola can generate like benefits while at the same time providing a break crop for weeds and disease, to clean up paddocks for subsequent cereals or for pasture establishment... Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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