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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The aim of the Managed Environment Facility (MEF-Yanco) is to provide essential infrastructure and support for field research projects directed towards identifying adaptive traits and management strategies for improved productivity of field crops growing in water limited or drought-prone environments... The MEF-Yanco will provide a world-class field research facilitiy for improving the accuracy and reliability of germplasm characterisation (phenotyping) to quantify the contribution of individual traits to water use efficiency... Yanco was selected as one of three sites to establish a Managed Environment Facility, it is representative of dryland water-limited environments across southern NSW and northern Victoria...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The main recommendation from this project is that promising results from the 2010 season warrant continued support in the ongoing project DAW00215... 2. Workshop hosted at Merredin MEF, 22nd Sept 2010 During the 2010 season, a national workshop was organised in September at the Merredin Managed Environment Facility to help facilitate discussion about the development of projects and to allow potential project managers the opportunity to view the facilities offered at Merredin... Download Final Version Characterising water deficit and benchmarking genetic diversity for key adaptive traits at Merredin, Yanco and Narrabri..
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