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In 2011 we measured nitrogen volatilisation losses in 3 scenarios; (1) top-dressing wheat, (2) spring fallow broadcasting, and (3) autumn and spring fertiliser application to a grass pasture... We applied nitrogen fertilisers at locally relevant rates to 50-metre-diameter circular plots using either hand spreading (solid fertilisers) or a quad bike sprayer fitted with streaming-bar nozzles at 10 cm spacing (liquid fertilisers)... We used a grass pasture near to trial the method in autumn before the main trials began, and included a tropical grass pasture near Caroona in spring when measuring paddocks 5 & 6...
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Nitrogen losses through volatilisation in this region are potentially high due to the alkaline soil pH, presence of lime in some soils, windy conditions and high temperatures in summer... Our preliminary lab work has demonstrated the importance of naturally occurring lime in soils for setting the potential for nitrogen losses... . If we demonstrate that current applications of surface-applied nitrogen fertiliser are leading to substantial gaseous losses to the atmosphere, farmers will review their practice and opt for less wasteful methods of fertiliser application...
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