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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The widespread adoption of low tillage farming systems has changed the arthropod pest complex and increased the abundance of some, such as the earth mites and ground dwelling weevils and beetles... We found that crops planted post pasture had in general higher numbers of pests eg earth mites whereas cereals had the lowest number of earth mites present unless weeds were present within the crop... We found that the use of prophylactic sprays does not affect all pests...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Final Report DAW00032: Improving weed management with biserrula in the pasture phase of WA cropping.. Casbah will persist through several years of crop has accumulated since the first experiments were conducted with this species in 1995-97, we have little hard data from controlled experiments to document and quantify this aspect of its performance... Using a novel system for estimating rhizobial numbers, where all three legumes are grown together in 100 ml vials, the Centre for Rhizobial Studies (CRS) followed rhizobial numbers in all plots in 2005 and in all rhizospheres for all species in the experiment...
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