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Learn from industry leaders at WA WeedSmart Week.. Grain growers from across Australia are invited to participate in WA WeedSmart Week from August 8 to 12, when they can learn about herbicide resistance and agronomic management from leading researchers and growers in the field... Other topics include spray small weeds; plan of action to avert glyphosate resistance - test; stop weed set - strategic planning; iHSD - a glimpse of the future; grazing chaff dumps; and capture weed seeds at harvest...
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The program of research developed around this position focuses on novel approaches to grain crop improvement in water-limited environments... It emphasises the design and testing of crop production systems that optimise combinations of genetic attributes (G) and agronomic management (M) in variable water-limited environments (E) using a systems analysis and modelling approach... The ways genes, environments and management systems interact to affect crop productivity has been captured in mathematical algorithms that turn computers into virtual paddocks, allowing simulated field trials to improve risk-management options and resource-use efficiency < Keep browsing..
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GRDC Western Panel deputy chair Dr Mike Ewing says the GRDC recognises the importance of generating this information for lower-rainfall areas... "There is growing interest in expanding oat production in these lower-rainfall areas to diversify rotations and help manage seasonal rainfall variation, declining grain prices, higher input costs, frost risk in susceptible paddocks and increasing weed burdens," he says... Dr Malik says the rates will be tested in combination with nitrogen application in the eastern wheatbelt trials this year...
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