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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Rainfall events above 8mm and mild temperatures can lead to rapid infection by Zoopthera radicans and population crashes > 30 grubs < 30 grubs.. Pesticides can be applied below but not above what is on the label in agricultural situations -.. If a pesticide is registered for an agricultural situation in another state, it can be used in WA long as the label does not prohibit use in WA as..
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Brad Collis reports on the challenges ahead that were discussed at the recent Future Broadacre Agricultural Landscape Conference in Perth Fly-in fly-out farmers, family farms run along corporate lines and with corporate partners, and larger regional centres with fewer surrounding towns... Mr Henderson provided a grower"s perspective when the future of broadacre agricultural landscapes was analysed by academics, researchers and policy-makers in Perth recently... Mr Henderson lashed state governments that have imposed the GM moratoriums which he said had caused important investment to leave Australia: "These governments have been spineless in not standing up to people who have been spreading misinformation."..
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