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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Succession planning must be seen as an ongoing process of high-quality human resource management.. The approach applies equally to consulting businesses as it does to farming businesses... The three basic principles we applied are: everyone in the business knows their role and responsibility clearly and is rewarded the capital contributed or used by the business (in the case of RMCG the buildings) are rented from the owners of the capital the profit is distributed after everyone is rewarded and the capital is rented based on this share of ownership of the business...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
, a forum to allow stakeholder participation, i.e., provide feedback, review information contained in the database and discuss pesticide related research initiatives, would occur... The outputs of the database will be presented to stakeholders such as researchers, regulators and registrants with a view to providing information and seeking feedback on the research either underway or proposed... The intent of the project is to firstly provide better co-ordination whereby researchers can check what has been done previously as well as provide a mechanism to inform other key stakeholders, such as registrants, of what research is being done where...
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