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cropping profitability

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Date claimer: GRDC northern Updates.. GRDC northern panel chairman James Clark said the Updates provide a forum to discuss the latest research on key issues that will affect cropping profitability in the coming season as well as looking at the longer term issues faced by our industry... "They're a chance for growers and advisers to tap into the latest research, liaise with our expert local and international guest speakers and become better informed on ways to boost productivity on farm in a more sustainable manner."..
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This project aims to develop DNA tests to quantify Free Living Nematode (FLN) groups in soil, which will be useful indicators of soil quality... Nematodes are useful biological indicators of soil health because they: occur in all soils; are readily extracted and identified; have a wide range of food sources; are ecologically and taxonomically diverse; and respond to changes in food sources, as well as soil physical and chemical properties Indices derived from nematode community analyses can be used to provide information about a soil ecosystem with respect to nutrient status, presence of pollutants, disturbance and disease suppression... The project will provide information on free-living nematode communities in key Australian cropping soils, identify groups which will be useful to assess soil biological health and link analysis to soil quality monitoring...
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