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barley grass management

Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Field trials undertaken over the last 4 years have investigated various pre-emergence herbicides for brome grass control in wheat... In a recent survey by Fleet and Gill (2008), farmers in low rainfall districts in South Australia and Victoria reported increasing incidence of barley grass in their crops... In the paper we will report results of studies undertaken to develop management strategies for brome and barley grass...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The proposed project will undertake research on the identification of emerging weeds in southern and western regions, factors contributing to their increasing abundance as well as developing and promoting adoption of practices for their effective management... The project will start with a coordinated survey of weeds of cropping paddocks in each region... Some of the emerging weeds have already been identified through feedback by different grower groups which include barley grass, brome grass, silver grass, marshmallow, fleabane, matricaria, common sowthistle, windmill grass, stinking lovegrass and Lincoln weed...
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