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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
Cropping systems in the Riverine Plains area are known to be innovative and productive... Early implementation of minimum tillage, improved canopy management (CM) and precision agriculture (PA) in cropping systems have been characteristic of the region's speedy adoption of new technology... All of these areas need further innovations to both validate new technology and integrate it into current farming practices, benefiting early adopters looking for further improvements and equally the next level of adopters to continue to improve productivity.....
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
The percentage of growers using some no-till reflected in the figures may not reflect the percentage of no-till adoption observed at the time... Overall, a vast majority of growers also expected the no-till systems to result in less soil erosion... While users and non-users generally did not have differences in beliefs about the likelihood of herbicide resistance or higher herbicide costs, overall, it was more common for no-till users to expect less weed emergence under no-till with stubble retention systems...
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