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The interface will also enable the PestFax database to be interrogated through menu driven queries and output displayed on the same web-base map interface used for logging of reports... The system will be designed to allow future enhancements such as: - operating as a national system including PestFax/PestFacts databases in other states, - operating with other database information held by organisations such as GRDC, - displaying current or historical maps of pest or disease risk together with actual observations for the relevant period... Advances in web technology now allow us to bring PestFax to farmers in a new more accessible form This project is producing a web page with a map that will keep farmers and consultants up-to date with the pest and disease threats that are in their area...
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New feature improves pest, disease reporting in WA pestfax map.. PestFax Map was developed by the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA and The University of WA (UWA), with funding from the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)... "Confirmed reports will be incorporated into the PestFax newsletter and PestFax Map, which can now be viewed in satellite or map form, and can show all instances of a pest or disease and show multiple pests and diseases for optional time periods of years, months, weeks or days."..
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