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The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is consulting with growers, advisers, research agencies and industry personnel in six states to develop its 2012-17 Strategic Plan which is focused on maximising growers' return on investment... GRDC together with growers, the broader grains industry and RD&E providers, needs to prioritise research targets and develop a comprehensive investment plan to deliver results and outcomes. ".. We're now seeking input and information from industry to help develop outcomes and practice change targets for the themes: growers meeting market requirements; improving crop yield; protecting your crop; profitable farm systems; managing the farm resource base; and building skills and capacity," he said...
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" Herbicide tolerance screening of winter crops in NR (phase IV) - was DAQ00152.. The previous projects (phase I - III) highlighted that NR wheat & barley cultivars differed considerable in their sensitivity to herbicides... The new project will focus on increased screening of advanced wheat lines to a range of commonly used herbicides,.....
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