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grazing stubble

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The paper is based on the concept that Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) systems are the future of the grains industry all cropping industries... The paper discusses some of the important production drivers in the grazing operations, being pasture improvement, crop: stock land mix and stocking rate... Using single variant analysis we can see that profit was largely influenced by yield the variation in yield was heavily influenced by how efficient the water was used rather than just the amount of rain received across all regions...
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Graze and retain stubble for profit.. Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) trials in the north are answering growers' questions about stubble management in no-till and zero-till controlled traffic farming systems in southern NSW... Part of the GRDC flagship stubble initiative, Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble, the past six years of trials conducted by FarmLink Research and CSIRO at Temora have shown that grazing and retaining stubble (not burning) is the most profitable treatment, conserving water, speeding up nitrogen (N) cycling and reducing N tie-up by the stubble...
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The stubble management decisions each of these growers made in 2010-2011 were unique to the individual and were influenced by the combination of experiences, cropping systems, agronomic and logistic challenges, and commitment to full stubble retention... The value of grazing crop stubbles to farm profitability was overestimated by the ME value of the intake the value of grazing crops cannot be predicted using energy intake from stubble... Finally the burning of stubbles also contributed to weed 26Australian Glyphosate Sustainability Working Group, Australian Herbicide Resistance Institute (2013), 9 Oct 2013...
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Grazing stubble benefits sheep and next season crops.. Stubble has always played a part in the Sinclairs' livestock enterprise, but the family began to have concerns about the impact sheep were having on soil structure during the Millennium Drought... During the past six years their country in southern NSW has experienced productive seasons creating a greater stubble biomass...
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The project will increase the water use efficiency (WUE) of farms in central and south western NSW, with the aim of meeting the GRDC target of a 10% increase over the next five years... While varietal improvement can contribute to this, at least half that productivity gain needs to come from improved farming practices... Initial results indicate that provided sufficient groundcover is maintained, grazing has little effect on subsequent crop yields...
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