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northern cropping region

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ENSO remains best northern climate indicator.. The El Ni o/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon remains recognised as the core driver of climate variability in eastern Australia, according to University of Southern Queensland climate researcher, Professor Roger Stone... "Although there are many climate patterns and systems that exist at widely varying time scales, the ENSO phenomenon remains recognised as the core driver of climate variability in eastern Australia," Prof Stone said...
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The El Ni o/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) remains the dominant source of climate variability and seasonal forecasting capability relevant for north-east Australia... The study shows that both sets of forecasts show widespread forecast skill in excess of climatology (ie better than the use of long-term average rainfall or temperature climatological statistics, but that the Bureau's forecasts perform better in the west of the country (Western Australia) and the Queensland SOI-phase forecasts performing better in the centre and east of Australia, including the northern cropping region (Fawcett and Stone, 2010)... Climate forecasts available for the northern cropping region, such as those based on or similar to the 'SOI-phase system', have been demonstrated to provide significant and relatively high skill when verification tests have been applied to assess all those forecasts in real-time over the past 10 years...
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Recently the top five diseases in wheat and barley have been estimated to cost growers in the northern region $261 million annually (wheat $183 m and barley $78 m, Murray and Brennan 2009)... For example, applying just one Ascochyta fungicide spray to the 205,000 ha of chickpeas grown in the northern region in 2009, cost growers $3 million... Unless you fully understand and appreciate the risk of chickpea diseases, do not plant, or advise others to plant, chickpeas in 2011...
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