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zero till farming

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The optimal sowing time for wheat is a compromise... KeY POINts early sowing can accelerate establishment and make full use of the growing season but can increase the risk of frost during critical growth stages and hayingoff in a dry finish... in Australia, developmental stages are commonly referred to as 'growth stages'...
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The ability to establish healthy crops despite the poor start to the season has convinced Western Australian No-Tillage Farmers Association (WANT FA) members Colin and Libby Hutchinson of Tammin that their no-till farming system will make a significant impact on their bottom line this year... Just 26 millimetres of rainfall during April and May did not deter the Hutchinsons from sowing their entire 4000-hectare program at the usual time, and in the middle of July they had some of the most advanced crops in the central wheatbelt... Expecting 75 per cent germination in the wheat, Mr Hutchinson is delighted to have almost 90 per cent of the crop up: "I would predict potential yields to average 1.75 tonnes per hectare for wheat but if we have good rains, this could go up to 2t/ha."..
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