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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Field measurements and lifecycle analysis (LCA) in this project examined if CO 2 emissions from urea could be reduced by substituting urea with grain legume-fixed N and if soil N 2 O emissions could be reduced by raising soil pH (through liming)... The extent to which incorporating grain legumes in cropping rotations would reduce emissions depends on the amount of urea that was saved by substituting grain legume-fixed N for synthetic N fertiliser... The first aim of this research was to measure N 2 O emissions in the field for two years and incorporate the findings into a lifecycle analysis (LCA) to determine if incorporating a grain legume (lupins) into a cropping rotation would lower on-farm and total GHG emissions from wheat production...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Department of Agriculture and Food 2011 Agribusiness Crop Updates Western Australia.. In summary, all of the growers that have purchased mouldboard ploughs have been very happy with the performance of ploughed paddocks during 2010... In summary, improved crop water use e ciencies during the 2000s have bene tted from the carryover of technological improvements from the previous decade...
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