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wheat plant density

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While a cereal crop can shade broadleaf weeds, the weeds will still move their leaves to get the maximum benefit from any sunlight reaching them through the crop canopy... Crops sown in an east-west orientation are less successful in suppressing the growth of broadleaf weeds compared with grass weeds... Crop orientation will have a greater impact on farms in southern Australia, compared to northern Australia...
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Herbicides are not the answer to herbicide resistance... Sixteen of the growers practiced HWSC in the form of narrow windrow burning in only 12% of years (i.e. Herbicides only group)... In the eighth year of using this practice these growers had zero ryegrass in their focus paddocks and have averaged less than 1.5 ryegrass plants /m 2 ever since...
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Wheat plant densities could be reduced to around 75 plants/m 2as long as stem densities reach sufficient numbers for the paddocks potential yield... The paper will focus on the 2011 Kellerberrin trial results similar results were achieved at all sites... Treatments were chosen to produce variable canopy growth utilising plant density and nitrogen timing to highlight what effect crop canopy has on yield and quality...
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