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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
As a consequence of the project UA00060, vital information has been obtained on the seedbank ecology and population dynamics of brome in response to various management strategies developed through on-farm research... Results from the survey of grower paddocks on Yorke (YP) and Eyre Peninsulas (EP) in South Australia (SA) confirmed the species of brome grass infesting cereal crops of southern Australia as Bromus diandrus and Bromus rigidus ... Several studies were undertaken at Roseworthy to investigate the germination behaviour of different populations of brome grass ( B. diandrus and B. rigidus ) collected from sites on YP and EP. Clear differences were shown between species, with populations of B. diandrus germinating at a much faster rate than its close relative, B. rigidus ...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Pythium root rot is often misdiagnosed, but new research is increasing our knowledge of damage caused by the disease and offering new control options.. Now research is showing that Pythium can have a big effect on crop growth through the season, resulting in substantial reductions in productivity, even in the absence of 'damping-off'... Results from three years of field trials with wheat demonstrated that an in-furrow application of the Trichoderma inoculant at seeding resulted in: improved crop emergence; reduced levels of Pythium inoculum and root infection; and increases in yield...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Thanks must go to everyone who has submitted papers and presented at the 2004 Agribusiness Crop Updates... There was little graminaceous plant material available on which aphids could survive, so none were recorded in the wheat blocks at either site until the end of August, by which time most plants had reached GS 41-47 (booting)... In order to provide faster data transmission between the web server and the user, graphical presentations (e.g. bar charts) are presented to the user if and only if the user requests...
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