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wheat consumption

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
To establish technical collaboration with Indonesian flour millers and bakers to identify how Australian wheat can better meet the quality requirements for the expanding baking sector in Indonesia... DAFWA researchers visited the Indonesian market in July 2010 and April 2011; building on the trade delegation to Indonesia led by the Hon. Minister Terry Redman MLA in March 2010... Australian wheat will often be measured against end product performance from higher priced, higher protein wheat available in the international market...
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Economic Outcomes: The aim of the research was to increase understanding of community attitudes and behaviours towards grain based foods, in particular products containing wholegrains and products containing wheat or gluten... Social Outcomes: Previous research has indicated that while the importance of cereal foods in a health promoting diet is internationally accepted, only a small proportion of Australians regularly meet recommended dietary intakes for cereal foods, including wholegrains... The results of the current study provide insight into factors associated with consumption of different kinds of cereal foods, how wholegrains, carbohydrates, and cereals are perceived by the general population, and the underpinnings of an emerging trend towards decreased gluten consumption...
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The Australian grains industry has continued its market extension with customers in Asia through conferences in Singapore, and in Beijing and Guangzhou, China, in February and March... Volumes of barley going to China have increased, particularly in 2015-16, squeezing out traditional Middle Eastern buyers, although Mr Storey expected demand from China for feed barley would fall this year as the country moved to draw down its corn stocks... Mr Storey said there was also more capacity for customised container shipments, and this supply chain now exported more than three million tonnes of grain per year...
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The largest wheat importer in the South Asia region - Indonesia imports about 5.5 million tonnes of wheat per year - approximately 50-55% of that wheat coming from Australia Per capita wheat consumption is low with good scope to grow - flour consumption is approx 17kg per capita - Compared to China 80kg; Japan 47kg; Thailand 30kg or Australia 309kg per capita.. Advantages of Australian Wheat Represents good value and has freight benefits for both consumers and producers Good milling extraction millers can extract more flour from.. Market Visit noodle end uses - Instant Noodles - high volume / low value (WA dominates the market share) Wet noodles / Yellow Alkaline Noodles (Hokkien style) - medium volume / medium value - growth potential for Australian wheat Niche market (hand made noodles - Lamien) - very low volume, high value Dried noodles - low volume, low to medium value..
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