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synthetic hexaploid wheat

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Some wheat varieties carry a defect known as late maturity alpha amylase (LMA) which can result in low falling number at receival... The results indicate that the cool temperature shock increases the sensitivity of the grain to a plant hormone normally present in grains in varieties prone to LMA... School of Agriculture, Food and Wine Postgraduate Symposium (2010) "GA sensitivity and ABA content of developing wheat grains in relation to late maturity alpha-amylase" (oral presentation by Bo Yu to other PhD students and academics of School of Ag., Food and Wine) < Keep browsing..
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The loss to the wheat industry from these two nematode species has been estimated at $AU47 million/year for the northern region and $123 million for all Australia, based on average wheat production and price of $AUD239/tonne over a 10-year period to 2008 (Murray and Brennan 2010)... In order to obtain better sources of resistance to P. thornei we have screened two collections of wheat landraces from that area... We have also found resistance to P. thornei in a collection of wheat landraces made in in the early 1930's (Sheedy and Thompson 2009)...
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