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summer sowing

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KEYMESSAGES Inoculating pasture legumes must be an ongoing process... The efficiencies of the products were continually evaluated for use in Western Australian agriculture by research at the Centre for Rhizobium Studies... Measurements included the percentage of plants nodulated, the amount of nodules on each plant and the strain of bacteria in each nodule, which was identified by fingerprint profiling using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) as described in Yates (2005)...
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Study shows ways to cut pasture renovation costs.. Producing pasture legume seed from a nursery paddock can reduce the cost of seed for a large-scale pasture improvement program.. TABLE 6: The seed cost per hectare and potential area that could be sown using unprocessed, dormant hard-seeded annual pasture legumes when the seed is produced on-farm using twin or summer sowing...
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" Summer sown hard seeded Serredella 07 August 2014.. Summer sowing of hard seeded French serradella is a new technique being used in WA.. Technology to reduce spray drift GCTV: Drift Reducing Technology..
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