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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
In summary, composts in soil management programmes (for horticulture): x Reduce nutrient leaching and consequent effects on water bodies... In summary, organic agriculture can provide yields similar to conventional agriculture using natural farm inputs in place of chemical fertilisers and sprays... The rots should be able to be minimised through good field practices, chemical control, gentle washing of carrots and keeping them cool and wet at all times...
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SELECTION GUIDE November 2014 Low Pressure Air Induction (RUN ABOVE 2-3 BAR).. VC VC VC C C M.. VC VC VC C C C..
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World demand for durum is predicted to grow substantially in the upcoming years, both as consequence of the demographic boom and for the increasing request of nutritional high quality food... The CWANA represents the most ancient ring where durum and pests/diseases have fought, generating a wild and selected germplasm extremely rich in sources of resistances... Identify water-use efficient germplasm and sources of tolerance to terminal stress (drought x heat) across a range of typical drought prone environments that prevail in the drylands of Australia and CWANA region.3...
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