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soil carbon change

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If we use the same bulk density as above (1.2 g/cm3) and restrict our calculations to the top 10 cm of soil where organic carbon is most easily increased, at 2% carbon the soil would contain 24 tonnes C/ha... In Figure 4 the estimated changes in soil organic carbon content (%) of the 0-10 cm layer that occur with different levels of wheat production (grain yield) are presented... Results indicate that a sustained productivity of about 4 tonnes/ha/year of wheat grain yield is required to maintain the equilibrium soil carbon content at Roseworthy (Figure 4 a)...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Sustainable management of soil, in particular soil carbon, is essential for the continued viability of Australian agriculture... Given the longer survival and increased biomass of kikuyu during summer months (compared to annual pastures of rye grass and clover) there is significant interest in the carbon storage capability of this grass species... Model predicts an increase in soil carbon under perennial pasture of 15 t C/ha over 40 years...
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