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seed development

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Project No.: DAW 672 Paper reviewed by: David Minkey and Abul Hashem Crop Updates is a partnership between the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia and the Grains Research & Development Corporation 20.. The negative impact of Raptor and Spinnaker on herbage production observed in the 4 advanced breeding lines (Crop Updates 2004) was not reflected as lower seed set... Overall, 2,4-D and Gramoxone were the most damaging to legume seed production; this reflected the impact of these treatments on herbage production (Crop Updates 2004)...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
The maximum potential of collection by baling this material was only 50% of the seed that enters the header... Two different approaches determined that higher temperatures during seed development correlated with greater germinability (less dormancy) when measured at harvest and following five months of after-ripening (Steadman et al. 2004; Steadman & Ellery 2004)... A single batch of seeds will after-ripen faster in the north (e.g. Mullewa) than the south (e.g. Mt. Barker) of the wheat belt due to the temperature difference (Steadman et al. 2003a)...
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