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seasonal variability

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
KEYMESSAGES Incorrect use of phosphine since the 1950s, has led to escalating resistance in stored grain insects which threatens the continued use of phosphine at the farm level... In summary, canola varieties sown 2-3 weeks earlier than normal (early to mid April) can be grazed in winter prior to bud elongation (usually providing 600-800 dse grazing days/ha) and recover with no impact on yield or oil... When running a trial it is important to: 1...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Undeterred by often punishing seasonal challenges, Jay Murray remains enthusiastic about the business and lifestyle opportunities available as a food and fibre producer in northern New South Wales.. Jay Murray leaning against a stack of hay bales.. 200ha of dryland cotton were written off, leaving him, he hoped, with a 1500-bale harvest from 150ha of irrigated crop...
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