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Catalogue: NVT Online Papers
Many cultivars are now more susceptible than before with several cultivars (including Axe, Beaufort, Corack, Derrimut, Mace, AQP Revenue, and Wallup) two or more rating levels more susceptible... Disease It is important that growers understand the resistance/susceptibility of their varieties to the diseases of importance in their region and plan management strategies ... Exceptional dry conditions from July onwards and the hot winds of September and October and were MORE INFORMATION not harvested...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Department of Agriculture and Food 2011 Agribusiness Crop Updates Western Australia.. In summary, all of the growers that have purchased mouldboard ploughs have been very happy with the performance of ploughed paddocks during 2010... In summary, improved crop water use e ciencies during the 2000s have bene tted from the carryover of technological improvements from the previous decade...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Genetic resources screened for disease resistance.. An international program to improve resistance to root diseases has developed close collaborative links with Australian durum and wheat researchers and breeders.. A key figure in the global search for better resistance to wheat root diseases has a longstanding relationship with Australia through the GRDC. Dr Amer Dababat* discusses the breadth of that partnership and implications for growers..
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