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scald resistance

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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
Genetic analysis in barley suggests that the Rrs1 gene locus is a region that either hosts a suite of different scald resistance genes or numerous alleles of this gene exist in barley germplasm... Modern tools to identify desirable breeding traits are molecular markers that indicate the presence or absence of a gene that is responsible for the trait... Aligning the disease scores from each progeny line with its genetic fingerprint information revealed those fingerprint signals (molecular markers) that predict the resistance of a progeny plant most accurately...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Over the three-year course of the project, a total of 3,386 barley lines were evaluated in 24,155 assays... In 2006, the project was inundated with requests from barley breeders, and our facilities were used to capacity for this purpose throughout 2006, with 520 lines and a total of 12,480 plants assayed, and 61 lines (1,464 assays) into 2007... All seedling tests in this project were performed using a set of four specific isolates with characteristic pathotypes on the barley differential set...
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