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ryegrass plant

Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Barley agronomy highlights: Time of sowing x variety Blakely Paynter1and Andrea Hills,2 Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia; Northam 1and Esperance 2.. x New feed barley options are becoming available that out yield current feed barley varieties... Kojonup may not be suitable for seasons or environments where low in-crop rainfall is experienced...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Table 1: The year in which the property was monitored, the enterprise practiced in the fields surrounding the vineyard/orchard, the grazing management of the pasture fields and the ARGT management practices... Safeguard ryegrass could be used to increase the density of ryegrass in the following year, as it is susceptible to glyphosate (and resistant to ARGT)... Most of the pollen was produced by the resistant plants in the vineyard, and there was a very high chance of susceptible plants cross-pollinating to resistant plants...
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