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ryegrass growth

Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
It was proposed that DRB be isolated and evaluated against ARG. Successful organisms were then to be applied in high numbers and assessed in field situations... Until the mode of action of these bacteria is clearly defined and/or a rapid isolation and assessment protocol (perhaps with the aid of gene technology) identified, this project needs to be shelved... It was proposed that DRB be isolated and evaluated for annual ryegrass - with the aim of inhibiting seed set and subsequent annual ryegrass toxicity reduction...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Competitive cereal cultivars have higher yield and suppress weed seed set Peter Newman & Abul Hashem, Department of Agriculture and Food.. KEYMESSAGES In a weedy situation at Eradu, Magenta had 36% higher yield and suppressed ryegrass seed set by 65% compared to Wyalkatchem... The research has shown that under weedy situations, UA47 yielded 30% more than Wyalkatchem and halved the ryegrass seed set compared to ryegrass growing in Wyalkatchem plots...
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