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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
The trials demonstrated the benefits of hybrid vigour in canola and showed that Canola Breeders RR hybrids will provide major economic benefits to growers... AIMS The goal of this work was to test the yield potential of new RR canola hybrids developed by Canola Breeders at two locations in eastern Australia in 2008... Crop Updates is a partnership between the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia and the Grains Research & Development Corporation 184..
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
" Date: 20.06.2008 Roundup Ready Canola 2008 Limited Commercial Release... THE APPLICATIONS RECOMMENDED ABOVE ARE FOR USE ONLY WITH APPROVED CANOLA VARIETIES THAT ARE DESIGNATED AS CANOLA WITH THE ROUNDUP READY TECHNOLOGY. SEVERE INJURY OR DEATH OF CANOLA WILL RESULT IF ANY CANOLA VARIETIES NOT PROPERLY DESIGNATED AS HAVING THE ROUNDUP READY TECHNOLOGY ARE SPRAYED WITH THIS PRODUCT. EXTREME CARE MUST BE TAKEN TO AVOID CONTACT WITH CROPS OR DESIRABLE PLANTS WITHOUT THE ROUNDUP READY TECHNOLOGY, OR WITH NATIVE VEGETATION, SINCE SEVERE INJURY OR DESTRUCTION WILL RESULT. Control of volunteer RR canola and alternate knockdown chemistry Field trials were conducted last year in South Australia and Victoria under the moratoria looking at OTT RRH applications, alternate knockdown herbicides and control options for RR canola volunteers... a) A range of selective cereal herbicides will provide control of volunteer RR canola in the following cereal cropping phase b) For knockdown/fallow situations make sure the partner herbicide being used with glyphosate is used at a robust rate - we are used to the glyphosate in a tank mix controlling the canola...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Researchers anticipate an increase in resistanace to Group B 'imi' herbicdies (e.g. Intervix in annual tyegrass and brome grass in cropping areas as the number of different Clearfield (insert registration symbol) or imi tolerant crop options grows... For tillage situations, 1.6L/ha of Avadex Xtra and 1.5L/ha of trifluralin are commonly used in canola, dependent on soil type (note these rates are too high for cereals)... the sole reason i am using the long fallow followed byrr canola is weed control...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
While the adoption of genetically modified canola has been less widespread than originally anticipated by Australia's oilseed industry, Roundup Ready (RR) canola has been highlighted in this project as a very useful tool for integrated weed management (IWM)... RR canola continues to be promoted as a very useful tool as part of an integrated weed management (IWM) package in the Southern and Western regions, to reduce weed numbers and allow a broader rotation of herbicide groups... As a part of this project, Dr. Linda Hall, associate professor in the Faculty of Agriculture Life and Environmental Science at the University of Alberta, was keynote speaker at the 2012 BCG trials review day...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
The availability of GM canola has prompted BCG (formerly the Birchip Cropping Group) to examine weed and herbicide-management options associated with different canola systems to support decision-making among growers in Victoria and NSW... To date, the study has found that while adoption of RR canola levelled off when conditions switched from dry to wet, the glyphosate-resistance trait can boost weed management options across an entire rotation system... Mr Hausler identified benefits associated with RR canola in his IWM system, including: excellent weed control in dry and wet conditions, including annual ryegrass, Indian hedge mustard and white ironweed; profitability; ability to rest Group A herbicides in the RR canola as well as in subsequent cereal crops; a saving of $30 to $40/ha in herbicides in subsequent cereal crops due to clean paddocks; and better yields than TT canola and similar to Clearfield varieties...
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