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row seeding

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
On-row seeding enhanced P and K concentrations of wheat plants at early growth stages up to flowering, relative to between-row seeding, when the respective soil-test P and K concentrations were low and/or when MAP fertiliser was not banded at seeding... Mean wheat yields (i.e. average of 2 or 3 MAP fertiliser rates ranging from 0 to 50 or 80 kg ha -1) were: (a) 11-14 per cent lower with on-row seeding at Binnu (where wheat followed wheat in 25 cm rows); (b) 7 per cent higher with on-row seeding at Mullewa (where wheat followed barley in 30 cm rows); and (c) not different at Pindar (where wheat followed wheat in 30 cm rows)... Project No.: 67F Central Farming Systems Paper reviewed by: Linda Leonard Crop Updates is a partnership between the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia and the Grains Research & Development Corporation 73..
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Paul experimented with where to place the wetting agent (on top of the soil, next to the seed, below the seed) and found he could achieve good germination the first year, but patchy results the following year... The knife point runs just to the left of the previous year's stubble row to avoid bulldozing, and a wing set to the right of the boot places the seed under the existing stubble to target the moisture zone... The iTILL device runs a sensor over the stubble, while two hydraulic rams on the drawbar steer the seeder independently to the tractor to ensure the seed is placed into the moisture zone established by the previous crop...
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