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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
Genetic analysis in barley suggests that the Rrs1 gene locus is a region that either hosts a suite of different scald resistance genes or numerous alleles of this gene exist in barley germplasm... Modern tools to identify desirable breeding traits are molecular markers that indicate the presence or absence of a gene that is responsible for the trait... Aligning the disease scores from each progeny line with its genetic fingerprint information revealed those fingerprint signals (molecular markers) that predict the resistance of a progeny plant most accurately...
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Thank you to National Variety Trials (NVT), the NVT trial co-operators and breeding organisations for their cooperation in providing data... There is still some re-focusing required to maximise the opportunities for growers and maximise the opportunities for the trade... Varietal resistance to BYD and CYD does not reduce the need to spray for aphids to prevent yield loss from feeding damage once they reach threshold levels in the crop (50% of tillers with 15 or more aphids)...
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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
Thank you to the Grain Industry of Western Australia (GIWA) Barley Council for providing information on market demand for malting and food varieties in Western Australia at the 2014/15 harvest... Varietal resistance to BYD and CYD does not reduce the need to spray for aphids to prevent yield loss from feeding damage once they reach threshold levels in the crop (50% of tillers with 15 or more aphids)... On farm reactions of v differ if the pathotype/s present differ to the pathotype used in testing...
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Adult plant resistance (APR) This form of resistance is not effective at the seedling stage but increases in effectiveness as the plant develops... Some resistance genes are affected more by temperature... Adult plant resistance and problems with variety disease ratings Because APR is controlled by different minor genes that operate through different mechanisms, the growth stage at which the resistance is expressed and the environmental conditions under which it is best expressed vary from one variety to another...
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The time factor was changed by growing more generations per year and reducing the degree of homozygosity required before lines are evaluated in yield trials or used as parents... j) Co-operative research DAQ00110 involved cooperation activities for several related projects including the Australian Wheat and Barley Molecular Marker Program (AWBMMP) designed to study attributes needed for the future improvement of barley... QTL associated with barley ( Hordeum vulgare ) feed quality traits measured through in situ digestion...
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
A new source of leaf rust resistance from a wild diploid Avena species was successfully transferred to a Wintaroo derived breeding line... Several new sources of stem rust resistance were identified in wild oat species with partial resistance to Pga 512, the most virulent strain in Australia for which there are no other known sources of resistance... Further investigations need to be conducted to determine if these two molecular markers are reliable indicators of the presence of the alien chromosome carrying leaf rust resistance...
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WESTERN AND SOUTHERN REGIONS QUANTIFY THE RISK, PADDOCK BY PADDOCK Blackleg can cause severe yield loss, but can be successfully managed... Choose a cultivar with adequate blackleg resistance for your region... If you have: high or increasing levels of blackleg in your crop (from monitoring disease levels each year); used the management practices outlined in Step 3; and sown cultivars from the same resistance group in close proximity (within 2km) for three or more years, then sow a cultivar from a different resistance group (see page 4 - Blackleg Resistance Groups)...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
The project will characterise four major foliar pathogens of barley in Australia... Virulence gene profiles of net form net blotch (Pyrenophora teres f teres), spot form net blotch (P. t. f. maculata), powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f. sp... Presenter: G. Platz, R. Fowler; Audience Number & Nature: 20 GRDC Crop Protection Committee, AgriScience Queensland Crop Protection researchers and managers: Location: Toowoomba Qld; Date: 5/08/2010 Conference papers Barsby J, Stephen K, Platz G and Franckowiak J (2009) Selection for resistance to net form and spot form of net blotches using mixed inoculum...
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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
Foliar diseases are a major constraint to national wheat yield stability, and cause annual industry wide costs ranging from yield loss and down grading of grain, to chemical control expenses and removal of preferred varieties from recommendation lists... The importance of wheat diseases to Australian cereal producers was highlighted in a GRDC commissioned study that was published in September 2009... The study by Murray and Brennan (2009) on the economic impact of wheat diseases estimated that stripe rust caused current.....
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Adult plant resistance (APR) to cereal fungal diseases is an important trait for grain growers to consider when choosing varieties to sow... APR can complement a fungicide strategy by protecting, from diseases such as rust, those parts of the plant most responsible for yield... Adult plant resistance is a useful trait to consider in variety selection, and understanding how it works can make fungicide application decisions easier...
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