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rainfall distribution

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Catalogue: GRDC Research Summaries
" Robust, profitable and sustainable farming practices on Yorke Peninsula... Yorke Peninsula has a reliable, winter dominant, medium rainfall climate, with strong sea breezes and mild temperatures... In recent years rainfall distribution in the growing season has been varied with a mix of late starts, short dry springs and an extended wet spring and early.....
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Catalogue: GRDC Final Reports
Field work was carried out using rain-out shelters and irrigation facilities at the Department of Agriculture and Food WA's (DAFWA) Merredin Research Station (MRS) (2008 and 2009)... The distribution of rainfall had the greatest (but inconsistent) effect on yield, followed by management (row spacing)... In the long term, genetic improvements using specific traits to increase yield under dry conditions may deliver greater benefits to growers...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
To give us a better understanding of how much water was remaining in the soil if we wanted to undertake forward marketing decisions for our crops... We wanted a tool to give us a better understanding of how much moisture we had remaining in the soil profile (and where it was located) before making a decision to spread N. The soil moisture probes give us this ability... Following our experience with forward marketing we wanted a better decision tool to help us decide if we had enough moisture to grow a crop and make forward sales and probably more importantly following 2007, know when the crop is about to run out of moisture and if options such as purchasing grain contracts back needs to be carried out...
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