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Grain (starch) provides the primary energy source for feedlot production... The efficiency (proportion of grain processed, cost of processing) and consistency (minimise variation in processing level) of grain processing is primarily dependent on the grain's physical attributes (size and density)... Table 3: Effect of sorghum, corn and wheat density (kg/hL) on processing rate of a feedlot requiring 100t of grain per day..
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KEYMESSAGES Producing pasture legume seed from a nursery paddock can dramatically reduce the seed cost associated with a large scale pasture improvement program... RESULTS The end cost of pasture seed produced on-farm has been calculated at two levels, a conservative average yield and a high yield that could be expected in favourable seasons... An important point is the higher seed content and higher rates of extraction in French serradella that results in a lower cost structure for this species compared to yellow serradella (Table 4)...
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