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Catalogue: GRDC Publications
The twenty drivers of the future of the industry that were identi ed by the participants at the workshop are listed below (in no particular order)... The 'internal' axis included the pro tability of farming, cost and yc availability of inputs and investment in research... The participants who developed the scenario for this quadrant were faced with conceiving what the industry would be like where climate variability and the price, availability and quality of water are conducive to the industry and government policies are supportive but the pro tability of farming is not good, input prices are high and there is limited investment in research...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
Department of Agriculture and Food 2011 Agribusiness Crop Updates Western Australia.. In summary, all of the growers that have purchased mouldboard ploughs have been very happy with the performance of ploughed paddocks during 2010... In summary, improved crop water use e ciencies during the 2000s have bene tted from the carryover of technological improvements from the previous decade...
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