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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
KEYMESSAGES Despite the poor production season last year, oaten hay: Continues to provide valuable control of ryegrass... Japan remains the dominant buyer of hay for dairy and beef herds China and the UAE are now competitive buyers of lucerne and oaten hay... Despite the poor quality and prices received from the wet harvest of 2011, hay production has been a profitable crop in WA over the long term as seen by these actual yield and prices modelled for wheat and oaten hay grown at Brookton...
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Growers need to consider a portfolio approach to their grain marketing including a combination of passive and active management coupled with some on farm storage if the market is telling you to store grain... Demand will create its own supply (something that many farmers will emphasise with over the past 2 years as supply has expanded rapidly in response to high grain prices, leading to prices to fall) and as argued by Malcolm (2009) "food supply will meet food demand in the future, provided farmers receive the correct market signals and are not thwarted by poor government policies that create perverse incentives.".. Since there "is no reliable way to identify the fund managers who will outperform the market, investors do best to buy a broad spectrum of stocks at the lowest cost" (Damato, 2001)...
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Catalogue: GRDC Updates
Grain Markets - What's driving them and what will drive my 2008 grain marketing storey.. There are still sensible opportunities to reduce market and price risk in 2008 despite some bad experiences in 2007... Australia had a drought in 2006, US and EU suffered relatively poor crops in 2007 (esp eastern Europe), then Australia followed up with a 2007 drought - Meanwhile, apart from the new ethanol demand, traditional demand for grains from rising disposable incomes in Asia and India (changing diets to more poultry, pork, dairy, beef, etc) has continued to grow strongly - The end result is that world stocks of grains and oilseeds are now very low and the world markets need a series of at least average seasons to restore stocks to more acceptable levels...
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