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pasture seed production

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Catalogue: GRDC Updates (West)
KEYMESSAGES Producing pasture legume seed from a nursery paddock can dramatically reduce the seed cost associated with a large scale pasture improvement program... RESULTS The end cost of pasture seed produced on-farm has been calculated at two levels, a conservative average yield and a high yield that could be expected in favourable seasons... An important point is the higher seed content and higher rates of extraction in French serradella that results in a lower cost structure for this species compared to yellow serradella (Table 4)...
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Catalogue: Ground Cover
Study shows ways to cut pasture renovation costs.. Producing pasture legume seed from a nursery paddock can reduce the cost of seed for a large-scale pasture improvement program.. TABLE 6: The seed cost per hectare and potential area that could be sown using unprocessed, dormant hard-seeded annual pasture legumes when the seed is produced on-farm using twin or summer sowing...
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