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nozzle spacing

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CHeCKS key PoinTs Always start with a clean machine... Use the self-test or test speed function to check the machine for leaks, restrictions and uniform output... By entering the desired L/ha and test speed, the operator allows the machine to operate at the simulated speed while the machine is stationary in 'manual' or 'auto' mode (some machines that utilise the GPS for determining travel speed may need to switch off the mapping capabilities to be able to use the simulated speed function)...
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Achieving good pre-emergent spray results.. Getting a good result from pre-emergent herbicides is about getting every part of the application process right, starting with your product selection to match the weed spectrum present, through to monitoring the spray results carefully... When using air induction nozzles in heavy stubbles, consider using larger than a very coarse spray quality (e.g. extremely coarse) to maximize the penetration and minimize retention of the product on the stubble...
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